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Cut Glass

Ransburg's first products were cut glass items--called "Glass of Class" --that featured intricate patterns and detailed craftsmanship. They sold well, but after World War I, the competition began to mass produce cut glass products. Ransburg didn't have the resources to purchase duplication equipment, so he focused on new product lines.

Photo of glass basket

Photo of glass pitcher

Photo of glass plate


Decorated Candles

In the 1920s, the Ransburg Company began decorating and selling candles. Using a spoon with a small exit trough, Ransburg dripped heated silver wax onto plain tapered candles, forming a beaded design.

Photo of decorated candles

Decorated Glassware

Also in the '20s, the Ransburg Company produced decorated glass with colorful raised designs, called "chewing gum glass." Through an acquaintance with an Italian artist, Ransburg introduced more elaborate designs called "Arte Venezia," incorporating colored glass "jewels."

Photo of decorated glassware Photo of decorated glassware Photo of decorated glassware


Stoneware and Metalware

The Depression changed consumers' buying habits, reducing demand for decorated candles and fine glassware. An attractive but inexpensive alternative was decorated stoneware. From the 1930s to the late 1960s, the Ransburg Company focused on producing hand-decorated stoneware and also metalware products.

Wrought Iron

Also in the '30s, the Ransburg Company introduced wrought iron goods. This line was temporarily discontinued during World War II due to a shortage of materials, but was reintroduced in 1946 and sold until 1955, when it was permanently discontinued.

Photo of stoneware piece

Photo of wrought iron piece

Photo of metalware piece


Cast Metal, Wire, and Wicker

In the late 1950s, the Ransburg Company added new items to its line of wire products, as well as wicker and cast metal bath accessories.

Photo of cast metal piece

Photo of wire bench

Photo of wicker stool



As production processes improved the quality of plastics, the Ransburg Company introduced a line of plastic bath accessories in the 1960s.

Photo of advertisement for plastic bath accessories

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