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The Book

For the first time, The Ransburg Collection, a book dedicated to Ransburg collectibles is available and includes:

  • The complete history of the Harper J. Ransburg Company, family, and collection.
  • Tips to help you identify markings, patterns, shapes, and items.
  • Over 60 8.5" x 11", full-color pages.
  • Hundreds of beautiful photographs.

The book, which was published in May of 2000, is regularly $29.95, but through this special offer, it's available for $19.95-saving you $10.

The Pricing Guide

This comprehensive guide is key to identifying and pricing Ransburg collectibles. It includes:

  • Over 60 pages of black-and-white illustrations, representing all known Ransburg products.*
  • Average price ranges and highest known price for items.*
  • All available colors and patterns.*

*This information is accurate as of May 2000, the date of publishing.  For more complete listing, see our Identify It tool on this website.

The pricing guide is regularly $19.95, but through this special offer, it's available for $12.95-saving you $7.


Buy Both and Save Even More

Purchase the book and the pricing guide for the special combination price of $29.95.

Save $19.95 off the publisher's list prices.
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