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Identify It
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Cookie Jar
Avg. Price Range: $13.25--$35.75 with Roses (Avg. Price Range: $13.25--$35.75)
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This shape shows photos instead of a composite image, so the color will not change the image.
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Cookie Jar
Avg. Price Range: $13.25--$35.75

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* Slight variations in the patterns occur, since many are hand-painted. The size and shape of the piece may also cause variations in the patterns.
Please help us complete the lists!
If you know of a shape, pattern and color combination that we do not have listed, please log in and let us know. For Metalware and Stoneware, you can create combinations that we do not know about by using the Identify It tool. When you select Metalware or Stoneware for the Material it will show you only the Colors and Patterns that we know were produced for the Shape that you select. To see ALL Patterns and Colors that we know were produced for that material, click the 'Show all Patterns and Colors for Material'. Select the Shape, Pattern and Color of the piece you have and then click the 'Post Message About This Collectible' button (you need to be logged in to see this) to tell us about it. For other materials, you can use the Talk About It forum to tell us about it and please include 'NEW' in the subject. Please attach a picture if you can.

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