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Located in the heart of the Midwest, the Harper J. Ransburg Company produced hand-painted, colorful household accessories that sold successfully in retail outlets across the country.

The Collectibles

A wide variety of Ransburg hand-painted stoneware and decorated metalware products, each with identifying marks can be found nationwide.  There are also cut glass, decorated candle, decorated glassware, mirrored, wood, wrought iron, cast metal, wire, wicker and plastic products.

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Photo of Harper J. Ransburg The Company History

Founded in 1911 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Harper J. Ransburg Company is one of the first successful household products companies, a study of the American entrepreneurial system, and the creator of several marketing and technological innovations. Company History and Timeline

The Invention

Looking for a way to save costs and stay competitive in the housewares market, the Ransburg family invented and patented the electrostatic painting process, revolutionizing the industrial coating process in many industries. The company was sold to Illinois Tool Works in 1989.

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